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Baseball and Softball Specialist Academy

At the BASS Academy we aim to provide the optimal personal training environment for Baseball and Softball players to develop their game.  Our coaches are some of the best in their field with years of playing and coaching experience working with beginners through to professional players.  The facilities and equipment are the best available leaving nothing to chance.  We provide a unique learning and practice experience where ball players of any ability level can develop their game under the optimal conditions.

Why personal training?

“Having coached squads and teams for over 25 years I am absolutely convinced personal coaching is the best way for players to make the fastest progress with their individual techniques. During our one to one coaching sessions a player is analysed, educated and drilled to correct and perfect their actions. Having your own private coach ensures no movement or action goes unnoticed thereby maximizing the benefits of the training experience. “ Peter Gee (Head Coach)

Video Analysis

All players are recorded and analysed from different angles using Dartfish (slow motion video analysis) software. Comparing techniques with those of professional players we can quickly identify actions requiring correction. Our extensive video library of local and international players is a valuable tool when educating our clients.

What can I learn?

All aspects of Baseball and Softball including hitting, pitching, fielding, catching, sliding, and more…. We also provide coaching in conditioning and physical training for our athletes where we deliver a variety of cross training and sport specific training exercises. Our coaches are experts in providing a positive and rewarding experience for our clients with a variety of playing abilities and needs.


All coaching sessions are one hour in duration @ $60 per hour.

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